Sunday, March 19, 2017

SB08-6-1 (Part 1)

One of the things I have been dreading is applying the SB08-6-1 service bulletin. There are a lot of rivets to remove, and to make it worse most of those rivets are in the longerons or the bulkhead angle

I started with center punching and drilling all of the deck rivets.

Using an angle drill I drilled the 8 rivets connecting the aft deck to the F-1009 bulkhead. These did not turn out as nice as I wanted and I will end up enlarging the holes for some larger -5 rivets.

With the aft deck up, I filed down the rivets to flush with the Longerons and then used a punch to knock the remaining part of the rivet out of the longerons.

From there I tackled the F-1010 bulkhead. The service bulletin called for drilling out the outer most two rivets in order to put the doublers in.

After removing the two outer rivets I decided to remove all of the rivets from the horizontal stablizer attachment angle in order to properly clean up the angle and rivet holes.

That is it for the dis-assembly. All of the rivets are not removed and I can start adding the doublers and putting things back together.

The disassembly was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. That is probably because I had a great helper today!

Parking Brake

I installed the parking brake today. Nothing too big to note, a lot of people have already covered installing the PVPV-D, so enjoy the photo:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Final tail to fuselage mating

I spent the last couple of days cleaning the shop and getting parts organized (something that piled up on me). Today I felt it was time to get things on the plane itself moving. Over the last couple of nights I got all of the priming, deburring, and dimpling on both the tail and mid-fuse skins and bulkheads done. Everything was set to bring the tail and fuselage back together for riveting!

The last photo before the two parts permanently become one (hopefully for a long time!)

Christie was at the movies with Mackenzie and I could not wait to get things moving so I fumbled around for 45 minutes and finally got the two assemblies lined up.

I clecoed everything up and triple checked the skin alignments. I noticed when I was taking the tail off of the fuselage on initial fit-up that one of the mid-fuse bottom skins got under the tail skin and it should be the other way around. So make sure to double check all the corners of the skin fit ups.

I set the side skin rivets and then skipped forward a couple of steps to rivet some of the ribs. I am going to need someone inside of the plane laying on the ribs in order to help buck, so I felt it was better to stiffen up some of the ribs before putting weight on them.

Just another day of riveting.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Beringer Brake Kit Arrival

A couple of months back I started looking at items that I wanted to delete out of my finishing kit in order to purchase upgraded parts. The wheels, tires, and brakes were on the cut list. I was
planning on purchasing the Matco main wheel kit for the RV10 and probably putting the Beringer nose wheel on.

In early February I came across the following flyer:

I realize that the full Beringer main and nose wheel kits are probably a little over the top for my build, but after speaking to a few people who recently upgraded from the Matco wheel kit to the Beringer, the special offer savings started to look a little more attractive. In late February I bit the bullet, emailed EAA 186 to see if anyone else was planning on using the offer, and when I heard that nobody was I purchased the kit. Beringer US initially quoted that the wheels would come in late March. In early March I received an email that the wheels were going to ship!

The fit and finish on all of the parts looks amazing. This is a really nice setup! The one thing I did not order was the Beringer parking brake. I already had the Matco PVPV-D, and additionally I had already milled a bracket for that parking brake.