Sunday, July 31, 2016


The pickup was a little bit hectic. The plane was in Long Island, NY and I am out of Washington, DC. That is not too bad, but I had a bit of work travel in that timeframe in which I needed to get the plane. I made a plan with James (my good friend and co-worker) that while I was flying back from San Antonio that I would fly (commercial) to JFK rather than IAD. James would meet me out in Long Island and we would go grab a u-haul in the morning and pickup the plane.

This plan was going as expected until the weather rolled in. I ended up with a couple of flight cancellations and delays. When I finally made it to the last leg of the trip, we ended up having to divert out to the ocean to burn off some fuel as ATC gave us direct when we got into the air.  Based on our original flight plan going over Ohio and paralleling Lake Erie we took too much fuel on board for the new direct path thus too heavy to land.

On top of that, in the mix of rescheduling flights I was not checking my email. Mainly one from u-haul that said that my new pickup location was 40 miles from our hotel and at 1030 rather than 0700. Sparing you all of the details it ended up to be a couple hundred dollars of Uber and driving a 20ft box truck right through downtown NY at 1630 on a Friday. 

It was worth it though, because James and I were in a box truck driving down 95 with the amazing feeling of having a major portion of a plane in the back of the vehicle. We were living the dream (well at least my dream ;)

For anyone else looking to make a similar transport, here are the details:

  1. Wings and stand
  2. Fuel tanks (partially assembled)
  3. Fuel tank stand
  4. Tail cone 
  5. Horizontal Stabilizer
  6. Vertical Stabilizer
  7. Elevator
  8. Rudder
  9. Ailerons
  10. Tools
  11. Fiberglass
  12. 2 suit cases
  1. 20ft Uhaul
  2. x36 blankets (just enough)
  3. x4 10 foot straps
  4. x4 6 foot straps
  5. 100 feet of cord
  6. Flat Bungies
  7. 20 feet of medium density foam (the leading edge and bottom of the assembled horizontal stabilizer is resting on this)
  8. 40 feet of 6" by 2" styrofoam

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