Thursday, August 4, 2016

Workshop setup

One of the big questions I had prior to starting this project was did I have enough room to really accomplish this task. I put off really thinking about it because that seemed like it had the potential to be an excuse that would allow me to talk myself out of tackling this project. I really left the planning of where to work on this all the way until there was a 20ft box truck in my driveway.

The first step we took was simple. Unload the truck to see what we were dealing with. I brought everything that was going to be on my short term work list into the garage.

The components that were complete, or partially complete went down into the basement. This was not the final resting place for them, this was just where things went as they came off the truck.

The thought (at least at the current time) is that I will bring a couple of benches up from my workshop in the basement, and do the majority of the work in the garage. I plan to keep my workshop as a workshop and suspend the completed components from the ceiling in the downstairs shop. We have pretty tall ceilings, so this should work out well. 

Setting forward on that plan, I re-arranged some of the garage and started to add shelves and storage.

After bringing up some benches, the plan seems to give me ample space. Given the current components, I don't feel like I am working around anything or that anything is in the way. I have some garage clean-up to do yet. I also need to level my benches and I want to build some brackets to lock the benches together while using those brackets to also hard tie in things like a c-frame in-between the tables when needed. I will probably tackle that this weekend.

I will update this when I move my mill and hang some of the components in the downstairs shop.

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